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 Simply handmade with Llove

Milano, name strongly evocative, symbol of fashion and, for us, is home. Our story is met in this bag with taut and squared lines. The recall to the essentials is as strong as its colors. Milano is the bag that we carry, we use and for this is also practice. Many pockets for your technology, for your makeup and for your secrets are our must.


Because the city is mine (available in brown or black)

The Eternal City, Roma, was the matter on which to build a bag symbol of italian design. Roma bag is offered in two colours, brown and black suede. Two colours that make the Roma bag completely different, the brown suede is combined with handles made of plastic material of industrial derivation, the most classic black all in leatherette. Two souls for the same bag, what are you? Transgressive or Classic? Roma is complemented by two huge internal pockets and a hidden secret.



 The Beach Bag (available in 16 colours)


 Your stuff always with you (available in 16 colours)

Backpack collection is the revival of the great classics. Made in Egyptian cotton 100% Backpack becomes a unique item, always with you ready to be mistreated. The 2017 collection has introduced the waterproof membrane, now you can use your Backpack all year round.

Backpack XL

 Your stuff always with you (available in 7 colours and leather)

If our normal Backpack is not enough then the XL size is for you. With the 2018 comes the XL version of our best selling backpack. Classic Design for those who want a timeless product with a vintage taste. It exists in both Egyptian cotton and faux leather. Made in Egyptian cotton 100% Backpack becomes a unique item, always with you ready to be mistreated. Cotton makes Backpack XL light but durable, colorful and cheerful as it is from African tradition, simple and practical as the Sahara caravans want.



 City trails like timeless adventures


 Travel with style and not only


Never stop! (available in 3 colours)

We are craftsmen

We love our work and how we do it



and always mindful of Quality

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