About Us

It's a family history. For three generations we have the dream to create something beautiful, something that you will love to have. Now we have created a line of cruelty-free bags, respectful of women's work and absolutely handmade 100%.


Andrea Andreetta < designer >

After my studies at "Modigliani" (Padova/Italia) art school I started working for many years in various roles: seller, buyer, product manager, developer of hardware and responsible technical office systems, all in computing and telecommunications. In 2011 decided had to go back, art calling! Beginning I joined the literary group Sugarpulp, collaboration continues, then searching in the family fashion tradition, the taste for beauty. Now, design bags for GID ltd, Egyptian company, and I created the SINAI exclusive brand.

Emanuela Ferro Quinto < CEO >

Live in Sharm El Sheikh for over 10 years. I'm in love of Egypt, which is my second home. After holding important roles in multinational companies, now I rediscovered the simplest and human dimension of the small becoming the sole responsibility of my time. One of my dreams was to bring the experience of a lifetime as a manager in Egypt, so I made GID ltd (Genuine Italian Design).