Coral 2017 collection

Beach bags Proudly Made in Sharm El Sheikh

Coral is our must, our first beach bag, now an instant classic thanks to its perfect size.

Big but not too much, once it folded the lay up in the suitcase without taking up valuable space to another.

Handmade from 100% Egyptian cotton and with a neoprene waterproof base is sturdy, tasty in the bright colors of the Middle East dyes.

Today, in addition to the classic monochrome collection for 2017 there are multi-colored variants such as Rainbow, the Fanar, the Makiko, the BiColor or Fashion Punk Maelstorm.


Mono, available in colors: Amaranth Purple, Blue Navy, Turquoise, Beige, Green, Red, Blue, Purple, Lime Green



Each beach bag should be considered a unique piece, they are all treated by hand-processing. All the differences and imperfection are an exclusive value of the beach bag.