We observe a lot, we always do and in continuation with the youthful wonder that only an all-encompassing passion can ignite. Observe is the basic rule when looking for the perfect blend of contemporary evoking the charm of the desert, infinity, mystery.

Balance is an art, materials and shapes collide to create a unique design, personal, never assume, this is our job. From design to prototype, the SINAI exclusive bags are 100% Italian design, designed and handmade in Egypt.

SINAI exclusive, when the measurements, ergonomics, materials, harmony are to wear.

The SINAI exclusive design identifies the sum of all this giving a stylistic connotation that tells a story of water and sand. Water like the Red Sea, inhabited by the most colorful marine life in the world. Sand as the wadis (valleys) desert of the Sinai, shining mirages of a remote era of remote peoples.

The SINAI exclusive design is meant to be worn every day, original and refined with all our passion.

Designer: Andrea Andreetta

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