SINAI exclusive is actually helping the people of this small and wild region, in the South Sinai Governorate precisely, between Africa and the East. Ethics is the model for us without cloying pieties or charity, where social and cultural liberation pass through work.


We are transparent, where we can use recycled materials, low environmental impact materials, and energy from renewable sources. We operate in a constantly evolving country, where the sensitivity to environmental sustainability is at the lowest, we are here to make the difference.


Teaching work without exploiting is our mantra, we repeat every day because many people forget with the passage of time. The development of people, and finally about the fair compensation are the engine for the small economy of Sinai, away from the big tourist resorts, often forgotten by all and only seen as mere folklore.

Everything we do is aimed at building a virtuous structure that tends to reward those who produce with their own manual labor by eliminating as much as possible intermediaries, in this new technology are crucial. Mainly we sell our products through this portal to keep additional costs to a minimum, doing so we guarantee our artisans pay a much higher standard in the region.

And it is not just about money, the commitment is a concrete knowledge transfer today still unaffordable for most of the Egyptian population (Egypt in 2013 was at 166 place in the list of countries literacy rate).


For us, quality is an essential goal. We help our artisans to improve, from cutting to sewing at their sides. Especially our are all small, very small series that arrive at the number of ten pieces at a time, assembled by hand one by one. Therefore also the time is not short, we follow the time of local life without imposing customs alien to them.

Short supply chain

Everything is packaged in Egypt, South Sinai, Sharm El-Sheikh. We want to avoid unnecessary travel in the management of goods valuing and promoting local craftsmanship, rewarding personal contact with suppliers and buyers. The same channel of sales online wants to mark the way of the reduction of unnecessary steps, unnecessary and harmful to the environment.

Charity support

We give some of our income to bedouin families, more specifically to children, needing everything from food to games.

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