Quattro 2016

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QUATTRO is the medium sized bag finished entirely by hand.

QUATTRO is not just a number, marks four seasons with the harmony of Italian design, straightforward, helpful, never excessive, to use always.

QUATTRO is cut, hand-sewn and assembled with the care and dedication of skilled artisans.

We do not use natural leather for choice and all our pieces are numbered for a direct traceability between us and you. If sometimes there are imperfections it is the hallmark of their slow and manual production of a bag at a time.

QUATTRO exist, precisely, in four color combinations, each for a different time. Variants: Moscow Mule, Black Russian, Army Wife, Snake Game, other versions are produced on request.

Each handbag should be considered a unique piece, they are all treated by hand-processing. All the differences and imperfection are an exclusive value of the handbag.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 50 x 10 x 40 cm
External colors

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Main material

Artificial leather, Cotton


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