Sinai exclusive wants to provide the best online shopping experience. We take all due precautions, so that your package arrives intact and in time by our DHL Egypt partner.

We ship with:

  • DHL Egypt
  • Aramex
  • Zhafer


  • Delivery within 2 working days if the order is placed before 14:00
  • Delivery within 4 working days if the order is placed after 14:00


  • Delivery within 5 working days if the order is placed before 14:00
  • Delivery within 7 working days if the order is placed after 14:00



The availability of the goods is always indicated on the detail page of the product and in the shopping cart.

There are several levels of availability:

  • In Stock: The product can be ordered without any quantity limits
  • Quantity Availability: The available quantity is limited if available
  • Not available: The product is temporarily out of stock


*If shipping is on islands or remote areas it may take longer


SINAI exclusive guarantees its products against possible defects in materials and workmanship it offers a standard warranty of 2 year on all regular products (backpacks, bags and luggage). Where such defects occur SINAI exclusive will repair or replace the item in question. The 2 year warranty does not include certain ‘special’ products, such as those made of a limited edition ‘fashion’ fabric or construct; these come with a 1 year warranty.

How does it all work in practice?

Please return the defective product to the SINAI exclusive dealer (where you’ve purchased your backpacks, bags or luggage). Please take note that the bag is cleaned, we return dirty bags unrepaired at your expense. Note that it takes 4 weeks to have your bag back.

We’ll still fix it

Even if the damage is not (or no longer) covered by the warranty, customers can still choose to have their product repaired by our high-quality repair service at very reasonable prices. Naturally, this is on the condition that we still stock the spare parts needed for the repair.

If you have more questions or need help you can contact us by email:

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